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Blog Post - October 30th

Daily Meditation| Daily Quote by S. Padre Pio| Divine Mercy Reflection

Daily Meditation

Traveling a Different Path:

It is important to realize that we can each achieve sainthood by following a different path—a path unique to each of us, tied to our own unique call and the gifts given to us by God.

Quote by S. Padre Pio:

Resign yourself to drink the chalice of Gethsemane.

Divine Mercy Reflection

Reflections on Notebook Five: 263-326

As we begin Notebook Five, Saint Faustina’s understanding of the Mercy of God should be more alive to you. Hopefully you have a deeper understanding of the infinite love of God and His burning desire to embrace you, free you from the burden of sin, and shower you with His grace.

It should also be clear that God is silent at times so as to strengthen you, purify you and deepen your trust in Him. God’s wisdom and His ways are beyond what we could ever imagine. He is perfect in His love and you must have full confidence in the direction He gives to your life.

As we enter into this notebook, try to believe and live all that you have read so far. It’s one thing to believe it intellectually, it’s quite another thing to believe it with your actions. You must believe in the Mercy of God with your actions. You must let all that you have read take hold of you and direct the way you live. One way to do this is to go back to any reflections that have stood out so far. If something has stood out, be it a particular reflection or a general theme, pay attention to that. The Message of Mercy is broad and all encompassing, but it’s also particular to you. Let the Lord speak directly to you revealing the specific truths that you need to embrace the most.

Reflection 303: Silence

One of the dangers many encounter in our modern technological world is that of constant noise. We are easily bombarded with chatter all day long. It could be through the radio, TV, Internet, or the ceaseless conversation of another. Rarely do we find times of great silence. As a result, when silence is offered us, we often look to fill that silence immediately. But is this wise? Is it good to occupy our minds day and night with noise? Though every person will be different, especially depending upon their vocation, every person does need times of regular silence and solitude. Without this it is hard to be recollected and to hear the Voice of God. God speaks in the silence and He desires to communicate to you through this sacred language. Do not run from silence for, if you do, you will be running from the Voice of God (See Diary #1476).

Try to take some time today alone in silence. If you find that it is difficult to do even for five minutes, then this is a sign that there is too much noise in your life. Entering silence can bring on a form of “withdrawal” from noise. We tend to be comfortable with it as we are entertained all day long. But try to take time in silence today. Resolve to do so as long as you can. Turn off the radio in the car, go for a walk, or sit and pray without thinking or speaking, just being quiet in the presence of God. The gift of silent communication with God is a gift that you need and you will learn more from silence than from hours of the noise of the world.

Lord, I desire to seek You in the silence. I choose to listen to Your quiet promptings of love spoken in this way. Give me the wisdom and strength I need to dedicate myself to moments of quiet every day. May these moments bring clarity to my soul and understanding to my life. Jesus, I trust in You.

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