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Blog Post - September 4th

Daily Meditation| Daily Quote by S. Padre Pio| Divine Mercy Reflection

Daily Meditation

Jesus Incarnate:

The invisible God whom no eye has seen, was seen in the humanity of Jesus. God, whose wonder and love are beyond imagination, wished to become visible and close to us.

Quote by S. Padre Pio:

How consoling it is to know that one is always under the protection of a heavenly spirit (our guardian angels) who never abandons us, not even (what an admirable thing!) when we are actually offending God!

Divine Mercy Reflection

Reflections on Notebook Four: 237-262

We continue to the fourth notebook that Saint Faustina filled with reflections and revelations from Jesus. As we enter into this notebook, allow yourself to seek God in the silence. This chapter begins with Saint Faustina revealing that she was experiencing a “dark night” (Diary #1235). She lacked the sensory feelings of closeness to God. By analogy, it would be as if you were in a dark room filled with treasures and someone told you that all the treasures of this room were yours. You could not see them but you trusted the person who spoke about all that was around you. Knowledge of these treasures filled your mind even though the darkness hid them from your eyes.

So it is with God. Saint Faustina loved our Lord with all her heart and with every beat of her heart. She knew His closeness and love. But it appears that she could not sense this through her human senses. This gift of darkness allowed her to enter into a relationship with God on a spiritual level far deeper.

Seek this depth of relationship with God as you read through this chapter. Move beyond a desire to feel close to God and allow yourself to become close to God. He wants to enter your heart on a much deeper level than you ever knew possible. Be open to the newness of a relationship shrouded in darkness and allow the Lord to communicate His Mercy to you on this new level of love.

Reflection 247: The Blessing of Those with Needs

If someone in your family were seriously ill, or in prison, or in some form of grave need, would that be a burden to you or a blessing? Think about it. Do those with special needs make your life more difficult? If this question were answered on a purely practical level the answer may be, “Yes.” But if it is answered on a more spiritual level, the answer is that those who “burden” us with their particular needs offer us an opportunity for great holiness. This is the case because those with special needs call forth from us a response of charity, compassion and the service of Mercy. If we see them as a burden, we are missing an extraordinary opportunity for grace. God often allows others to suffer and impose a holy burden upon us so as to allow us to manifest His Mercy. Seek out these special souls and offer them the love, care and Mercy present in the Heart of Jesus (See Diary #1268).

Who has God placed in your life? More specifically, who is it that carries a special suffering, illness, weakness or difficulty that requires extra care from you? It could be a sick child, a depressed spouse, an elderly parent, a manifest sinner or a friend in need. Whoever it is that comes to mind, try to see them and their needs as a graced invitation from our Lord to manifest His love and Mercy. They are a far greater blessing to you than you will ever realize. Allow their needs to evoke the compassion and care in the Heart of Christ through you.

Lord, please give me a heart like unto Yours. Give me Your perfect Heart of Mercy and compassion so that I may manifest Your perfect love for others. Help me to see all people as a gift and to recognize their infinite dignity. And as I seek to love them, I thank You for the blessings I receive in this selfless act. Jesus, I trust in You.

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