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June 17, 2020


Today in the Latin Calendar we celebrate the Feast Day of S. Gregory Barbarigo, Bishop.  A story about this Feast Day can be found by Clicking Here.


Another Story:


Gregory was born in Venice to a noble family on September 16, 1625. At the age of 23, he accompanied the Venetian ambassador to Munster for the signing of the Treaty of Westphalia, ending the Thirty Years’ War. While there, he met the apostolic nuncio, Fabio Chigi, who found Gregory to be an exceptional young man, and the two became friends.


In 1655, Gregory was ordained a priest and worked heroically during the plague of 1657. When Fabio Chigi was consecrated as Pope Alexander VII, he did not forget the favorable impression Gregory had made on him in Munster: he appointed him bishop of Bergamo, then three years later named him cardinal, and eventually transferred him to Padua, where Gregory remained for 33 years.


Gregory was famous for his charity. He encouraged learning and founded a seminary for priests, endowing it with an excellent library and its own printing press. Some of the works which were published on this press were sent to Christians in Islamic countries to encourage them in their faith. Gregory also worked diligently towards a reunion with the Greek church and towards carrying out the reforms set forth by the Council of Trent.


As a cardinal, Gregory participated in five conclaves and at one point was considered a serious candidate for the papacy. He died at Padua in 1697 and was canonized in 1960 by Pope John XXIII.



Daily Meditation



Live An Adventure:


If we do everything with love, every day will become an adventure. The Holy Spirit will transform even our boredoms and drudgeries into chances for love and service.



Quote by S. Padre Pio:


Was he not the one who joined with S. Michael to defend God's honor against Satan and all his rebellious angels?    (Our guardian angel) is still powerful against Satan and his satellites.  His love has not lessened, and he can never fail to defend us.



Divine Mercy


God is love, and His Spirit is peace


Love casts out fear. Since I came to love God with my whole being and with all the strength of my heart, fear has left me. Even if I were to hear the most terrifying things about God's justice, I would not fear Him at all, because I have come to know Him well. God is love, and His Spirit is peace. I see now that my deeds which have flowed from love are more perfect than those which I have done out of fear. I have placed my trust in God and fear nothing. I have given myself over to His holy will; let Him do with me as He wishes, and I will still love Him. - (Diary No. 589)


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