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   The mission of this website is to make you focus on who the true heroes in life are by reading the various free downloadable stories.  Hopefully you will become inspired as you understand the struggles that the saints encountered during their own lifetime. The hardships that the saints faced are much the same as the ones that we have today in our own lives. 

   What all the saints had in common in their various struggles was their perseverance to overcome, no matter how difficult the situation they were facing.  In fact some were even martyred because of their religious convictions.  This should inspire us as we encounter the problems we all have in our own lives, for with God's help nothing is impossible.

   Some of the stories are humorous, others are of hope, there is a true story of a miraculous healing, also a true story of the judgment of a priest before Jesus. 

   Some are presented in a light hearted manner for easy reading and to inspire you on your journey through life.

​Are YOU ready to become a saint?

​God Bless You and please enjoy this website!

Pamphlets To Inspire

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