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Maria Bambina

The Infant Mary

Blessed  Mother  -  Stories
The Early Fathers of The Church


Queen of Heaven

​  Catholic  Doctrine  on  The  Blessed  Virgin  Mary  

     The Catholic Church teaches that the Blessed Virgin Mary is the holiest human being that ever walked the earth, after Our Lord.  Her holiness also exceeds that of all the angels, even the highest Seraphim!

    No other mere creature gives such glory to God.  Our Lord gave The Blessed Virgin to all mankind when He entrusted Saint John with her care as He was dying on the Cross.  "Woman, behold thy son...Son, behold thy mother."

    Catholic commentators agree that all mankind was represented  there in the person of Saint John.  Our Lord gave us His most precious treasure!  We should treasure her, to honor Our Lord if for no other reason.

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