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There are many Padre Pio stories that can be recalled from various books written

on the life of Padre Pio. 

The stories that are contained here are from individuals who personally knew Padre Pio

and that both my wife and I have had the great privilege of knowing over the years.

   The first individual is Eublio Cardone.  The Cardone's were neighbors of the Forgione's (Padre Pio's sur name) in Pietrelcina, Italy.  The following stories as well as many others were related to me over a long association my wife and I had with him.  Eublio wrote a book called Touched by a Saint  wherin he outlines the influence Padre Pio had on his life.  In our conversations he related the following stories:

1.   Many who have read books on the life of Padre Pio recall how he once was seen in the air during World War II when some American pilots were ordered to bomb San Giovanni; Eublio knew the pilot and he stated to me that when the pilot saw Padre Pio in the air, he heard a voice saying to him that he was not going to bomb San Giovanni while he was living there.  The pilot (whose name I have forgotten), could not release his hand from the trigger so that they could descend into San Giovanni.  The pilot was instructed to fly toward the ocean wherein the grip of his hand on the trigger suddenly relaxed and the bombs fell harmlessly into the ocean.

2.   Another story Eublio related to me was about two young servicemen who visited Padre Pio shortly after the end of World War II.  The first individual asked Padre Pio what the future held for him.   Padre Pio told him that he was going to be a priest.  That individual did become a priest.  His name was Fr. Leo Fanning who unfortunately passed away before I had an opportunity to speak to him.

3.   The other serviceman laughed when speaking to Padre Pio stating that he was a confirmed bachelor and would never get married.  Padre Pio said that he was going to get married and that he would write to him at the appropriate time.  About five years later, this individual met a girl and several days later, received a letter from Padre Pio stating that the girl he had just met was to be his wife.  He did marry her!

4.   The fourth story is about the Cardone family itself.  When Padre Pio left for San Giovanni for the last time, Eublio's parents were planning their wedding.  Padre Pio's mother (Maria Giuseppa De Nunzio) gave the couple as a wedding gift the pillows and bed that Padre Pio slept on, stating that her son would never again return to Pietrelcina.  When Eublio was seven years old, the Cardone family was planning to immigrate to the United States when Eublio became very sick and the family was not sure whether or not he would survive.  They prayed for Padre Pio's intercession and Eublio made a full recovery.  Before leaving for the States, the Cardone family wanted to thank Padre Pio, so they went to San Giovanni.  When they were close enough, because of the rough terrain, Eublio ran ahead up to the Church of (Our Lady of Grace), where he bumped into an individual who had on a brown robe. The individual said to the boy "your name is Eublio" the boy said "how did you know that, we have never met",  the man in the brown robe said, " I am Padre Pio and your family has been praying for your return to good health!  How are you feeling?"

   To the best of my knowledge, Eublio Cardone may have been the last living survivor from Pietrlcina who personally knew Padre Pio.  Eublio passed away in December, 2010. To the very end, he always remained faithful to the Church and to his devotion to Padre Pio.  My wife and I will miss hearing the many stories and people Eublio came in contact with who were influenced by Padre Pio.

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padre-pio-meeting-american-soldiers-after-world-war II-and telling lei-fanning-that-he-would-become-a-priest-pamphlets-to-inspire-pamphlets-to-inspire

The second individual is Dorothy Gaudiose  an individual who had an influence on both Janet and myself concerning Padre Pio.  Dorothy wrote two books on the life of Padre Pio:  PROPHET OF THE PEOPLE and MARY'S PLACEFor three years in the early 1950's Dorothy spent time with Padre Pio and stayed with Mary Pyle who was Padre Pio's secretary and a convert to Catholicism.  Mary donated the money to begin the building of the world renown hospital started by Padre Pio known as the Home for the Relief of Suffering (Casa Sollievo della Soferenza) in San Giovanni, Italy.

  On her last visit to San Giovanni, Dorothy was given, by Padre Pio, a piece of cloth that he had touched to his side wound.  Specks of Padre Pio's blood were imprinted on the cloth.  Padre Pio laid out her entire life to her at this last meeting.  Before she passed away, Dorothy discussed this meeting with me and stated that everything that Padre Pio said to her about her life, including that she would not marry and that she was to devote her life to the Lord, happened exactly as he said it would happen.  It was an honor to know her and again to hear the many wonderful stories she related to my wife and I on the life of Padre Pio.  

Mary Pyle  was very helpful and important to Padre Pio.  She is regarded as one of his spiritual children.  During her adolescent years, Mary often traveled to Europe and she met Maria Montessori, the educationalist who developed the Montessori method of teaching.  Ms. Montessori asked Mary if she would be her interpreter.  Mary Pyle became interested in the Catholic faith and was baptized into the Catholic Church in 1913.  In 1923 she went to see Padre Pio for herself, upon meeting each other he put his wounded hands on her head and said 'My daughter, do not travel anymore.   Stay here'.

Not only was Mary close to her beloved Padre Pio, but she also took care of his parents, in her villa, as they got older.  In December 1929, Mary took Mamma Peppa and "zi" Grazio to San Giovanni so that the two old peasants could be closer to their son. She cared for Padre Pio's parents, in her home, until they died. 

Mary Pyle herself died on 26 April, 1968. The memory of Mary remains in the hearts of those who saw her charity and of those pilgrims and faithful who came to the holy places connected with the "Friar of Pietrelcina."

There are many other stories not found in books that could be related,

but the stories contained on these pages are for the most part personal

in nature and would not be found in a book. 


    Today all these souls are with Padre Pio enjoying the beatific vision of God.

May God Bless My Friends

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