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                          FIRST  COUSINS
           Anthony   and   Padre Pio

   Other than Eublio and Dorothy, there have been many other devotees of Padre Pio that we have had the pleasure of knowing over the years.  Several others with whom we have had a close relationship with include:  Olga Fermani, Madeline Alberici, Padre Pio's family including Anthony, a first cousin.  The family that made the gloves for Padre Pio. The family of Fr. Alessio Parente (who wrote the book  SEND ME YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL.  An individual from EWTN, Vera Colandra and her family.  Pompilio Petrillo who was married by Padre Pio and who spent four years in daily conversation with him, and Mario Bruschi.  All of these individuals aided my wife and I in our journey with Padre Pio.  There have also been many priests who we personally knew, some of whom went to confession to Padre Pio who related stories about him to us as well.  Some of the relatives named above still attend Masses we hold in honor of Padre Pio to this day

   The story of our association with Padre Pio began in 1977, when Fr. Aidan Duffy, ofm of Saint Anthony's Shrine in Boston first told us about Padre Pio and gave us a book on his life.  Thereafter, nuns would come from Ireland every several months to speak about the life of Padre Pio at the local Padre Pio Prayer Group held by Fr. Norbert D'Amato, ofm, in East Boston, MA.  Little did I realize then that someday we would be running our own prayer group and that a young devotee (10 yrs old) who went to these meetings with his mother would be the spiritual director of our prayer group.  Also that we would start the prayer group on the night of Fr. Norbert's birthday.  Finally, I could never understand why the nuns came from Ireland and not from Italy until we held a private Mass at someone's home, and the priest was from Ireland and related to us that there is a big Capuchin presence in Ireland.  Maybe that is why our Cardinal O'Mally is a Capuchin Priest?  I will also never forget the final words of Fr. Aiden Duffy, ofm to me before he passed away: 

"Stay close to Padre Pio, he is a powerful intercessor." 


Through our Padre Pio Journey, we have also met many  people who have been healed through Padre Pio's intercession.

We would like to thank everyone who has shared their special "STORIES" with us.  One of these stories is a true story about a young lady named Marcie.  Please click here to read Marcie's Story. 

May Padre Pio bless you and Our Blessed Mother wrap you in her Mantle of Love and Protection! 

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