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July Reflection 

Every day, in our lives, we hear of something similar to the following:  I knew a stong and healthy person who went through a sudden death.  It was a big surprise to all who knew him.  There were no earlier symptoms; everything happened quickly and suddenly.


Our external and internal circuitry is divine.  "God created man in His image, in the Divine Image He created him; male and female He created them" (Gn 1:27).  We are the best, the top of the line.  With our reason and freedom, we are the highest form of creatures that our Lord God, the Creator, created.


A sound mind in a sound body.  Our well-honed intellect and divine soul should lead our physical body to its fullness.  


We do not know what is in store for us in our tomorrows.  We might get sick, have a fatal accident, or, be very successful.  However, what is very essential is that we are physically and spiritually well-disposed to whatever life might throw our way.  With God in our lives, we can approximately see what it will be in the end.  Know that it will not hurt that much because as children of God, we "will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father..." (Mt. 13:43). 

Reflection About Our Lady

Devotion to Our Lady is, beyond doubt, necessary for our sanctification and for full conformity to Jesus.  We must convince ourselves that she is necessary for our eternal salvation.  The great Saints and Doctors of the Church express that she is our path to salvation, from Saint Ephrem to Saint Cyril of Alexandria down to Saints John Damascene, continuing with Bernard Clairvaux, Alphonsus Liguori and right up to Maximilian Kolbe.  This means that the common doctrine of the Catholic Church regards devotion to Our Lady is something morally necessary for the Christian, both because the Mother holds a life-supporting role, and because we cannot succeed in conforming to Jesus, the Son of God and Son of Mary, unless we are tender and devoted sons of the common Mother of the whole Mystical Body.  The more we are sons of Mary, the more we are brothers of Jesus; and vice versa.

  Reflection About Saint Anne

Saint Anne is glorious among the Saints, not only as the mother of Mary, but because she gave Mary to God. Learn from her to reverence a divine vocation as the highest privilege, and to sacrifice every natural tie, however holy, at the call of God.

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