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Blog Post - April 15th

Daily Meditation| Daily Quote by S. Padre Pio| Divine Mercy Reflection

Daily Meditation

Reflection of God's Love:

Contemplation is recognizing the mirrors of God's love in all creation and that true contemplation lifts us up from being bent down and focused on ourselves.

Quote by S. Padre Pio:

Remain at peace, continue to go forward, and do not let your swift course be stopped when I assure you in our most tender Lord that you are already halfway to the summit of Calvary.

Divine Mercy Reflection

Reflections on Notebook One: 11-111

This first notebook of Saint Faustina begins her private revelations given from the Heart of Jesus to her. She writes in a beautiful and simple way. Though, as mentioned in the introduction to this book, her actual words are not quoted in these reflections that follow, the messages that she received and articulated are presented.

In truth, her messages are those contained in Sacred Scripture and in the Tradition of our Church. And if you were to read through the lives and teachings of the saints, you would find the same revelations. God has always spoken to us throughout the ages. He speaks the one Message of Truth, and He reveals that Message in love. The revelations to Saint Faustina are one new way that God continues to speak and reveal Himself to us, His sons and daughters.

The reflections in this first chapter, based on the first notebook, are intentionally short and focused. They are a way for you, the reader, to slowly and carefully listen to the Heart of God spoken to this great saint. Read these reflections slowly and prayerfully. Ponder them throughout the day and allow the Lord to speak to You the message He wants to give.

Reflection 105: The Effects of God’s Indwelling

What would you experience if God were to fully dwell in the depths of your soul? Peace, joy and amazement! And from these gifts, and from the indwelling of the Trinity, you would have courage in the face of hardship, strength to cast out fear and an impenetrable defense against the evil one, against his lies and his snares. You will not be free from temptation and suffering, but you will overcome them since God alone dwells within you, and He will be your protection and joy (See Diary #480).

Has the Most Holy Trinity taken possession of your soul? If so, there will be no room for sin or fear. You will see the fruits of this indwelling in your daily life and you will be at peace. If you do not see God at work in your life in this way, invite Him to enter. This is not a onetime invitation; rather, it must become your daily habit and sincere desire. Do not tire of inviting God to dwell within you.

Lord, Your presence in my life is the greatest Mercy I could ever receive. There is nothing greater than You living in me. I thank You that You desire to be one with me and to take possession of my life. I give myself to You freely and without reserve, for You are my God and my all. Jesus, I trust in You.

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