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Blog Post - December 17th

Daily Meditation| Daily Quote by S. Padre Pio| Divine Mercy Reflection

Today - Decenber 17th through December 23rd - the "O Antiphons" also known as the Greater Antiphons are recited.

Daily Meditation

Source of Life:

God's splendor is the source of life, those who see Him share His life. Because He was beyond the reach of man's mind, incomprehensible and invisible, He made Himself visible, intelligent and knowable so that those who see and accept Him may possess life.- S. Irenaeus

Quote by S. Padre Pio:

Always walk in the ways of love.

Divine Mercy Reflection

Reflections on Notebook Six: 327-365

We enter, now, the last of the six notebooks that Saint Faustina filled with revelations from our Lord about His unfathomable and perfect Mercy. At this point, the Message of Mercy should be clear and evoking of a deep trust in the incomprehensible love of God. All that has been shared to this point reveals that God is relentless in His pursuit of you, seeking only to love you unconditionally and to draw you into His glorious life for all eternity.

The greatest obstacle to this call to holiness is sin. But it is abundantly clear that sin is no match for the Mercy of God. His Mercy dispels your sin in an instant, disposing of your past errors forever. God’s only desire is the present moment, for in this present moment He comes to you, descending from the heights of Heaven, entering into the inner core of your soul so as to form a perfect communion with you, lifting you up to share in His divine life.

This final notebook will be reflected upon as a summary of all that has been reflected upon thus far. Just like the reflections on the first notebook, the reflections for this notebook will be short and to the point. Once you finish this chapter you are invited to return to it often as a way of quickly and easily reminding yourself of the abundant Mercy of God. The Lord’s love is perfect in every way. Allow Him to speak this truth to you with clarity and conviction.

Reflection 351: To Know or Experience God

It must be your constant goal to know God. Study of Scripture, the teachings of the Church, and the lives of the saints all help in this endeavor. But knowing God is not the ultimate goal of life. Knowledge comes from faith and faith is a gift from God. But being fully united to God in charity is of far greater importance. They are not opposed, but they are not the same. In fact, at times the Lord will darken one’s mind and not even allow it to understand Him so that He can, instead, transform the will so that this holy soul will choose Him and live a life of charity even in the darkness of faith. This is a deep mystery (See Diary #1697).

Are there times when you feel as though you cannot understand God or His ways? Do you experience a cloudy vision and dimmed intellect? If so, this may be a grace of far greater value than you know. It is in these moments, especially, that God invites you to love and to choose His Will despite the fog that appears to have set in. Choose His Will and live charity even when it does not make perfect sense to you and the Lord will bring forth much Mercy through you.

Lord, I thank You for the times of clarity in life. But even when my mind seems darkened and confused, I submit to Your holy Will. Help me to love You and others in those moments so that my life may be a living instrument of Your pure Mercy. Jesus, I trust in You.

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