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Blog Post - December 20th

Daily Meditation| Daily Quote by S. Padre Pio| Divine Mercy Reflection

Daily Meditation

Tomorrow's Church:

So we have a pretty good idea of what the Catholic Church will look like in the future: it will look like the human race-colorful, infinitely diverse, but all one family of God's children. It will be truly Catholic-a word that means "universal." It will be enriched by beautiful traditions from all over the planet.

Quote by S. Padre Pio:

Praise be forever to Jesus, and may divine mercy and providence be praised forever!

Divine Mercy Reflection

Reflections on Notebook Six: 327-365

We enter, now, the last of the six notebooks that Saint Faustina filled with revelations from our Lord about His unfathomable and perfect Mercy. At this point, the Message of Mercy should be clear and evoking of a deep trust in the incomprehensible love of God. All that has been shared to this point reveals that God is relentless in His pursuit of you, seeking only to love you unconditionally and to draw you into His glorious life for all eternity.

The greatest obstacle to this call to holiness is sin. But it is abundantly clear that sin is no match for the Mercy of God. His Mercy dispels your sin in an instant, disposing of your past errors forever. God’s only desire is the present moment, for in this present moment He comes to you, descending from the heights of Heaven, entering into the inner core of your soul so as to form a perfect communion with you, lifting you up to share in His divine life.

This final notebook will be reflected upon as a summary of all that has been reflected upon thus far. Just like the reflections on the first notebook, the reflections for this notebook will be short and to the point. Once you finish this chapter you are invited to return to it often as a way of quickly and easily reminding yourself of the abundant Mercy of God. The Lord’s love is perfect in every way. Allow Him to speak this truth to you with clarity and conviction.

Reflection 354: Untying the Web of Sin

When a person begins to lie, and forms a habit of this sort, they will eventually become entangled in a web of lies. One lie leads to another and pretty soon they do not know how to break free of this web. This is where you must offer mercy. It’s very easy to be harsh toward someone who has clearly led themselves down the wrong path. It’s easy to point the finger and rub in their sin. But the Lord wants you to look at this person with love and help untangle them from the web they have woven. This is done by being clear and direct about their errors, but also without judgment or harshness. If they perceive you to be offering the truth with mercy, they may just accept your invitation to undo that which they have done. This principle applies to many types of sins (See Diary #1712).

Reflect upon anyone in your life who appears to be tangled in a web of sin and cannot get out. Let your heart grow in mercy for this person, refraining from all judgment. Love them, seek to bring them the humbling truth and do so gently but clearly so that they can be set free.

Lord, sin binds us and causes much distress in life. Give me the grace of a merciful heart so that I can be an instrument of freedom to those caught in a life of sin. Give me the grace, dear Lord, to love them with Your perfect Heart of Mercy. Jesus, I trust in You.

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