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Blog Post - June 6th

S. Norbert| Daily Meditation| Daily Quote by S. Padre Pio| Divine Mercy Reflection

St. Norbert


Both Calendars

In the twelfth century in the French region of Premontre, St. Norbert founded a religious Order known as the Praemonstratensians or the Norbertines. His founding of the Order was a monumental task: combating rampant heresies (particularly regarding the Blessed Sacrament), revitalizing many of the faithful who had grown indifferent and dissolute, plus effecting peace and reconciliation among enemies.

Norbert entertained no pretensions about his own ability to accomplish this multiple task. Even with the aid of a goodly number of men who joined his Order, he realized that nothing could be effectively done without God’s power. Finding this help especially in devotion to the Blessed Sacrament, he and his Norbertines praised God for success in converting heretics, reconciling numerous enemies and rebuilding faith in indifferent believers. Many of them lived in central houses during the week and served in parishes on weekends.

Reluctantly, Norbert became archbishop of Magdeburg in central Germany, a territory half pagan and half Christian. In this position he zealously and courageously continued his work for the Church until his death on June 6, 1134.


A different world cannot be built by indifferent people. The same is true in regard to the Church. The indifference of vast numbers of nominal faithful to ecclesiastical authority and essential doctrines of the faith weakens the Church's witness. Unswerving loyalty to the Church and fervent devotion to the Eucharist, as practiced by Norbert, will continue immeasurably towards maintaining the people of God in accord with the heart of Christ.


On the occasion of his ordination to the priesthood, Norbert said, "O Priest! You are not yourself because you are God. You are not of yourself because you are the servant and minister of Christ. You are not your own because you are the spouse of the Church. You are not yourself because you are the mediator between God and man. You are not from yourself because you are nothing. What then are you? Nothing and everything. O Priest! Take care lest what was said to Christ on the cross be said to you: 'He saved others, himself he cannot save!'"

Daily Meditation

Forever Expandable:

Remember this: You are ever-expanding as a person because love grows immeasurably. There is nothing finite about love and nothing finite about your heart. The heart expands as love is allowed to permeate it.

Quote by S. Padre Pio:

The good we endeavor to do to others will also result in the sanctification of our own souls.

Divine Mercy Reflection

Reflections on Notebook Two: 112-188

We now enter into Notebook Two of the six notebooks that make up the Diary of Saint Faustina. The reason for having more than one notebook is simply that when one notebook was filled by Saint Faustina she began with a new one. Therefore, there is nothing particularly different from one notebook to the other. However, for the purpose of this current book of daily reflections, each reflection will begin to be lengthened, starting here with Notebook Two, so as to help you, the reader, enter more deeply into the beautiful mysteries of faith and our shared spiritual life that have been revealed in these writings of Saint Faustina.

You are invited once again to take one reflection each day and to ponder it throughout the day. Try to pray the prayer for each reflection each morning, noon and evening. Allow each mystery reflected upon to become a source of wisdom and understanding for you.

Reflection 157: Moral Decision Making

Do you ever struggle with making the right moral decision? This happens as a result of our fallen human nature. We are easily confused in life and can easily fail to grasp the Mind and Will of God. So what should you do? Know that your conscience is a sanctuary to which the Lord must be invited. When invited, He will come and dwell there to teach you all things. When facing decisions in life, pray, seek counsel from others, and seek the many truths revealed through Scripture and our Church. These are all sources of the Mercy of God. Afterwards, if you have truly sought the Lord and His holy Will, act as your conscience commands. Listen to it, trust it, and act on it. If in the future you see that you have erred, do not hesitate to change. But do not hesitate to move forward in the way that you hear our Lord directing you. He is a God of abundant Mercy and the pure and holy intention you have gives much joy to His Heart (See Diary #800).

Do you struggle with making decisions in life? Do you worry that you are offending our Lord? If so, let go of these worries for they may be the result of a scrupulous conscience. Instead, do your due diligence by seeking the reasonable advice of others whom you trust, seek guidance from the Scriptures and from our Church, pray and abandon yourself to God and His holy Will, and then trust your conscience and act. Think about that decision that you may struggle with right now. Work through this process and leave the rest to our merciful Lord.

Lord, help me to seek Your holy Will in all things, to come to know Your holy Will and to act on it with full confidence. Give me, also, the grace of humility to change when I see that I have erred. Bless me, dear Lord, with a clean conscience so that I may glorify You always in freedom and love. Jesus, I trust in You.

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