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Blog Post - March 16th

Daily Meditation| Daily Quote by S. Padre Pio| Divine Mercy Reflection

Daily Meditation

Resembling Jesus:

Love being on the cross more than being at the foot of the cross; love being in agony with Jesus in the garden more than having empathy for Him in the garden, because you will resemble the Divine prototype more this way.

Quote by S. Padre Pio:

Never rise from the table, moreover, without having given thanks to the Lord. If we act in this way, we need have no fear of the wretched sin of gluttony.

Divine Mercy| Pamphlets To inspire
Divine Mercy

Divine Mercy Reflection

Reflections on Notebook One: 11-111

This first notebook of Saint Faustina begins her private revelations given from the Heart of Jesus to her. She writes in a beautiful and simple way. Though, as mentioned in the introduction to this book, her actual words are not quoted in these reflections that follow, the messages that she received and articulated are presented.

In truth, her messages are those contained in Sacred Scripture and in the Tradition of our Church. And if you were to read through the lives and teachings of the saints, you would find the same revelations. God has always spoken to us throughout the ages. He speaks the one Message of Truth, and He reveals that Message in love. The revelations to Saint Faustina are one new way that God continues to speak and reveal Himself to us, His sons and daughters.

The reflections in this first chapter, based on the first notebook, are intentionally short and focused. They are a way for you, the reader, to slowly and carefully listen to the Heart of God spoken to this great saint. Read these reflections slowly and prayerfully. Ponder them throughout the day and allow the Lord to speak to You the message He wants to give.

Reflection 75: Encountering Christ in Others

The Blessed Sacrament is truly sacred. It is revered and treated with the greatest respect. We would never throw our Lord away or discard Him on the floor or in some irreverent place. And yet we often fail to treat others with the same respect we show Jesus present in the Sacred Host (See Diary #285).

Do you realize that each person is a tabernacle? Each person is an image of God and is precious and sacred beyond imagination. We must see all people this way and we must seek to treat them with the greatest reverence and respect. In doing so, we honor our Divine Lord more than we could ever know. Reflect upon how you treat others this day. Reflect upon whether or not you treat them with the same love and respect you would show our Lord in the Sacred Host. Ask Jesus to help you to see His divine presence in everyone you meet.

Lord, may I love You always in all people. May I see You in every soul and honor Your divine presence within them. You, oh Lord, are alive in the heart of every creature. I love You and desire to love You more as I encounter Your divine presence in everyone I meet. Jesus, I trust in You.

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