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Blog Post - November 8th

Four Holy Crowned Martyrs| Daily Meditation| Daily Quote by S. Padre Pio| Divine Mercy Reflection

Today in the Latin Calendar we commemorate Four Holy Crowned Martyrs. A story about this commemoration can be found by Clicking Here.

Another Story:

The history of these holy martyrs, also referred to as the Quattuor Coronati, is very confusing. The Roman Martyrology has this: "At Rome on the Via Lavicana the day of the death of four holy martyrs, the brothers Severus, Severianus, Carpophorus, and Victorinus. Under Emperor Diocletian they were scourged to death with lead rods. Their names were first made known many years later through a divine revelation. As no one knew their names previously, the annual feast day (November 8th) to their honor was celebrated under the title: The Four Crowned Brothers. The designation was retained even after the revelation."

The Basilica of the Four Crowned Martyrs also contains the relics of five sculptors who under Diocletian refused to make idols or to venerate sun-god pictures. Reports say they were scourged, placed in led coffins and submerged in a stream (c. 300). According to Christian legend, they were named Claudius, Castorius, Simphorianus and Nicostratus, and were secretly devoted to Christianity.

Hagiographers are trying to disentangle the conflicting statements on the relation of these two groups to one another, whether two groups actually existed, and whether they in fact were Pannomians or Romans, soldiers or stone-masons, etc.

Pope Leo IV (847 - 855) had a great devotion to the four martyrs, as told in the Histoire des Papes et Souverains Chefs de l’eglise, by Francois Duchesne (1653): "He had an affection with and a particular devotion to the saints so named the Quattuor Coronati. For that reason, he searched for their bones; and after having found them with difficulty, he put them in the basilica bearing their name. He organized this before he received the pontificate. He moved apparently the holy bodies of Claudius, Nicostratus, Simphorianus, Castorius and Simplicius..." Pope Leo IV enlarged the old basilica, named in memory of the four crowned martyrs.

Almighty ever-living God, who adorned your pilgrim Church with the blood of the Four Holy Crowned Martyrs, a most fruitful seed of Christian witness and courage, grant that we may be defended by their help and profit from their example and intercession. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you together in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Daily Meditation

Heralds of Christ:

There is something we can do about the unconditional forgiveness we receive from God--we can celebrate! Having been forgiven we are empowered to forgive ourselves and one another. We are celebrating that we have experienced the peace, justice, and reconciliation that makes us heralds of Christ's kingdom on earth.

Quote by S. Padre Pio:

Before anything else, try to live in tranquility of spirit.

Divine Mercy Reflection

Reflections on Notebook Five: 263-326

As we begin Notebook Five, Saint Faustina’s understanding of the Mercy of God should be more alive to you. Hopefully you have a deeper understanding of the infinite love of God and His burning desire to embrace you, free you from the burden of sin, and shower you with His grace.

It should also be clear that God is silent at times so as to strengthen you, purify you and deepen your trust in Him. God’s wisdom and His ways are beyond what we could ever imagine. He is perfect in His love and you must have full confidence in the direction He gives to your life.

As we enter into this notebook, try to believe and live all that you have read so far. It’s one thing to believe it intellectually, it’s quite another thing to believe it with your actions. You must believe in the Mercy of God with your actions. You must let all that you have read take hold of you and direct the way you live. One way to do this is to go back to any reflections that have stood out so far. If something has stood out, be it a particular reflection or a general theme, pay attention to that. The Message of Mercy is broad and all encompassing, but it’s also particular to you. Let the Lord speak directly to you revealing the specific truths that you need to embrace the most.

Reflection 312: True and Faithful Friends

It is difficult to stay friends with one who is suffering, especially when that suffering endures. Often, at first, when a soul is suffering from some illness or other difficulty, many friends come to help. But as time goes on, fewer friends maintain their love and support. This offers a test of their love and mercy. But there is one Friend who will be there through it all. This is our Divine Lord. He endured the greatest sufferings in life and, as a result, He does not shy away from the friendship that enters into a relationship of long suffering. Jesus’ love remains steadfast and immovable. This witness of perfect love must also inspire you in your love for others. When you see someone suffering it takes great resolve to remain faithful to them and to your friendship over time. But the longer the suffering endures, the greater the opportunity to love. Time purifies and strengthens love and when you are aware of the long suffering of another, see it as one of the greatest opportunities to manifest the unwavering love of our Lord (See Diary #1508-1509).

Reflect upon those with whom you have shared friendship. Are there people in your life that have carried a heavy burden for many years? If so, how firm have you remained in your dedication and love toward them? They offer you an opportunity to manifest the unfailing love of our Lord. Reflect upon how easy it is to love another when they are popular, healthy and praised by many. And then reflect upon the strength and commitment that is needed to remain steadfast to those in the opposite condition. Renew your love and friendship and you will manifest the great Mercy of God.

Lord, make me a true friend. Help me to see the sufferings of others as an opportunity to love with Your Heart. May I become as faithful as You, dear Lord. I love You. Help me to love as You do. Jesus, I trust in You.

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