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Blog Post - October 10th

S. Francis Borgia| Daily Meditation| Daily Quote by S. Padre Pio| Divine Mercy Reflection

St. Francis Borgia


Latin Calendar

Today's saint grew up in an important family in 16th-century Spain, serving in the imperial court and quickly advancing in his career. But a series of events—including the death of his beloved wife—made Francis Borgia rethink his priorities. He gave up public life, gave away his possessions and joined the new and little-known Society of Jesus.

Religious life proved to be the right choice. He felt drawn to spend time in seclusion and prayer, but his administrative talents also made him a natural for other tasks. He helped in the establishment of what is now the Gregorian University in Rome. Not long after his ordination he served as political and spiritual adviser to the emperor. In Spain, he founded a dozen colleges.

At 55, Francis was elected head of the Jesuits. He focused on the growth of the Society of Jesus, the spiritual preparation of its new members and spreading the faith in many parts of Europe. He was responsible for the founding of Jesuit missions in Florida, Mexico and Peru.

Francis Borgia is often regarded as the second founder of the Jesuits. He died in 1572 and was canonized 100 years later.

Patron Saint of:


Daily Meditation

Following Mary's Example:

Forgiveness is possible and essential to our spiritual growth. And since Our Lady is at the heart of our kinship, cast yourself into her arms and ask her to show you how to forgive.

Quote by S. Padre Pio:

Do not allow the sad spectacle of humanity's injustice affect your inner peace.

Divine Mercy Reflection

Reflections on Notebook Five: 263-326

As we begin Notebook Five, Saint Faustina’s understanding of the Mercy of God should be more alive to you. Hopefully you have a deeper understanding of the infinite love of God and His burning desire to embrace you, free you from the burden of sin, and shower you with His grace.

It should also be clear that God is silent at times so as to strengthen you, purify you and deepen your trust in Him. God’s wisdom and His ways are beyond what we could ever imagine. He is perfect in His love and you must have full confidence in the direction He gives to your life.

As we enter into this notebook, try to believe and live all that you have read so far. It’s one thing to believe it intellectually, it’s quite another thing to believe it with your actions. You must believe in the Mercy of God with your actions. You must let all that you have read take hold of you and direct the way you live. One way to do this is to go back to any reflections that have stood out so far. If something has stood out, be it a particular reflection or a general theme, pay attention to that. The Message of Mercy is broad and all encompassing, but it’s also particular to you. Let the Lord speak directly to you revealing the specific truths that you need to embrace the most.

Reflection 283: Overcoming Sin

The message of God’s Mercy is so simple that we can easily miss it, even after reflecting upon the many pages of this book or upon the Diary of Saint Faustina. The simple truth that the message of God’s Mercy must convey is that we should have no fear, whatsoever, of admitting our sins and trusting in God’s perfect forgiveness. Fear easily paralyzes us and keeps us from being honest in regard to our sins. But if you understand the Mercy of God and realize how all-consuming it is, fear will have no power over you. And though this may be easier to understand in theory, it can be very hard to embrace in your actions. The only way to fully enter into the Mercy of God is to give Him that which properly belongs to you, namely, your sins. Do not hesitate in doing this. Have full confidence in your loving Father and allow the light of His Mercy to replace the darkness of your sin (See Diary #1396).

How easily can you admit your sins to God? And when you do so, are you able to admit them with full confidence and hope? Are you able to admit them in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, the greatest source of God’s Mercy? You do not need to carry guilt and shame in regard to your sins no matter what they are. Trust in the omnipotent love of God and let go of your hesitation and fear. If you do this, you will discover that joy will begin to permeate your soul and lift the heavy burden that sin imposes.

Lord, please remove all fear from my life. Cleanse me of my sin and free me from the burdens they impose. Give me full confidence in the abundance of Your Mercy and open my heart to receive all that You wish me to receive. I love You, dear Lord, may I allow that love to dispel all that is not of You. Jesus, I trust in You.

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