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Blog Post - October 2nd

The Holy Guardian Angels| Song to Our Guardian Angel| Daily Meditation| Quote by S. Padre Pio| Divine Mercy Reflection

Feast of the Guardian Angels

Both Calendars

Perhaps no aspect of Catholic piety is as comforting to parents as the belief that an angel protects their little ones from dangers real and imagined. Yet guardian angels are not only for children. Their role is to represent individuals before God, to watch over them always, to aid their prayer and to present their souls to God at death.

The concept of an angel assigned to guide and nurture each human being is a development of Catholic doctrine and piety based on Scripture but not directly drawn from it. Jesus' words in Matthew 18:10 best support the belief: "See that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that their angels in heaven always look upon the face of my heavenly Father."

Devotion to the angels began to develop with the birth of the monastic tradition. St. Benedict (July 11) gave it impetus and Bernard of Clairvaux (August 20), the great 12th-century reformer, was such an eloquent spokesman for the guardian angels that angelic devotion assumed its current form in his day.

A feast in honor of the guardian angels was first observed in the 16th century. In 1615, Pope Paul V added it to the Roman calendar.


Devotion to the angels is, at base, an expression of faith in God's enduring love and providential care extended to each person day in and day out until life's end.


"May the angels lead you into paradise;

may the martyrs come to welcome you

and take you to the holy city,

the new and eternal Jerusalem."

(Rite for Christian Burial)

Daily Prayer to Our Guardian Angel:

Angel of God

My guardian dear

To whom His love

Commits me here

Ever this day

Be at my side

To light and guard

To rule and guide.


6 Glorias for Guidance

(Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning,

is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.)

6 Glorias for Enlightment

(Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning,

is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.)

Song to Our Guardian Angel

Daily Meditation

Despite Our Sadness:

Just as I am sure that we are never “chosen” by God for a life of extraordinary challenges, I also firmly believe that we do have choices, once we emerge from the blessed fog that allows us to move through daily duties and relationships immediately after our loss. These choices allow us to move on and make a meaningful life, despite our sadness.

Quote by S. Padre Pio:

Patience is most perfect when it is less mixed up with anxiety and worry. I hope that God will free you from these two inconveniences.

Divine Mercy Reflection

Reflections on Notebook Five: 263-326

As we begin Notebook Five, Saint Faustina’s understanding of the Mercy of God should be more alive to you. Hopefully you have a deeper understanding of the infinite love of God and His burning desire to embrace you, free you from the burden of sin, and shower you with His grace.

It should also be clear that God is silent at times so as to strengthen you, purify you and deepen your trust in Him. God’s wisdom and His ways are beyond what we could ever imagine. He is perfect in His love and you must have full confidence in the direction He gives to your life.

As we enter into this notebook, try to believe and live all that you have read so far. It’s one thing to believe it intellectually, it’s quite another thing to believe it with your actions. You must believe in the Mercy of God with your actions. You must let all that you have read take hold of you and direct the way you live. One way to do this is to go back to any reflections that have stood out so far. If something has stood out, be it a particular reflection or a general theme, pay attention to that. The Message of Mercy is broad and all encompassing, but it’s also particular to you. Let the Lord speak directly to you revealing the specific truths that you need to embrace the most.

Reflection 275: The Glory of Humdrum Days

At first thought, “humdrum” and “glory” may not appear to go together unless they were used in contrast. But these two words are married together in the Mind of God. They are “married” in the sense that we are able to glorify God and obtain holiness through our day-to-day humdrum duties. Though this may not be immediately apparent, understanding this unlocks a door to the treasures of Heaven in countless ways. By discovering this deep spiritual truth you are able to offer every moment of every day to God and win His abundant Mercy through every action of your life. For example, even your breathing can become a source of the Mercy of God when you offer it to Him for His glory. If that doesn’t make immediate sense to you don’t dismiss it. Seek to offer and sanctify every action and you will begin to discover that every action of every day can become a source of the continual outpouring of the Mercy of God (See Diary #1373).

Try a simple exercise today. As you breath in, pray interiorly that the Will of God enters your soul, and as you breathe out, offer your own selfishness to God. Try to think about this as often as you can throughout the day. Pretty soon you will discover that you are glorifying God even through this most basic human act. Discovering this will help you realize that every act of your day, no matter how small, can become a source of the outpouring of the Mercy of God.

Lord, as I breathe in I invite Your perfect Will and Mercy into my life. And as I breathe out, I submit to Your Mercy all my sin and self-will. Jesus, please consume every act I do this day. May even the smallest act be done for You and for Your glory. Nothing is too small for You, dear Lord. May I discover Your abundant Mercy in all things throughout my day so that my life may become a continual offering to You and a constant instrument of Your Mercy. Jesus, I trust in You.

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